Singleplayer Version 3
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• 9/18/2017

Improvements and add-ons

1.On the Mission two betrayals, when your on the second pulse generator and leave the room, you see a anti-air wraith fighting the floating robot on top of another artificial structure, the wraith sometimes chooses to shoot you first and knocks the banshee of the pad. After that the banshee doesn't spawn because you already zapped the pulse generator and there is no way of getting down.
2. the Banshee explosion is yellow fire and not blue fire
3. Sometimes the Blind wolfs attack you or the marines for no reason
4. There is no easy mode
5. All the original covenant from Halo CE still have the same movements and dead poses
6. The DMR was a little faster then what's shown in SPV3
7. The Assault rifle should have the 60 bullet magazine
8. The sparrow hawk is weak and lacks speed, maneuverability and armaments
9. The Odst's are weak
10. The flood is less scary the then 2001 halo CE flood
11. The grizzly's machine gun and cannon aren't accurate
12. The spirit is barely shown
13. the fire from the flamethrower is not seen
14. There should be more equipment to pick up and use
15. Bring back the 1999 machete along with the bigger dinosaur that roamed
16. Heavy Machine gun rate of fire is slow
17. Halo ring 180 degrees view of environment system doesn't look as good as halo ce. Other then that good work Guys !
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• 9/18/2017
Well I am not a developer, but there are a couple of things I would regard in your suggestions
3. You are not the only one that may shot the blind wolves dead (Yes remember the Covenant, they may have killed them in accident somewhere out of your vision)
4. Idk how to feel about this. Easy mode feels like a sadistic rampage to me back in the days unless you count the rocket flood. But I knew there are always some people who couldn't stand one-hit kill enemies or just so new they need a hang-on to FPS.
5. Well same engine and, those poses do appeared in other games too.
6. As I am concern the developers want to make the DMR distinguish more from the BR and make it more of a real-life DMR (which indeed is a sort of mini-sniper). I feel like it is right in the way it is now. The BR, magnum, and DMR now doesn't overloop each other in terms of functionality. If you want anything that is similar to the original DMR in Halo: Reach/Halo: 4 the Particle Carbine is always there as an option.
7. They place it in the SMG. It has the same damage and magazine size, albeit with a little bit more inaccuracy. Again, it helps to distinguish from AR.
8. That thing is NOT weak, by ANY MEANS. (Trick: keep an eye out on the energy shield, retreat when appropriate. Use its immense firing range to your advantage)
10. But the Brute combat form looks disgusting enough (I feel that sickness again)
11. Because the original Scorpion isn't accurate either, thanks to the engine. The developers actually improved on that already, still...
12. The indestructible almighty Spirits are largely replaced by the destroyable Phantoms. (Hey, adds in a new viable strategy, ain't it?)
13. Well it definitely shows up in mine, perhaps a change in settings? (I am no expert in this)
16. I think it is made that way to balance out its huge magazine size and firepower. I do think overall it is an upgrade of the Assault Rifle
• 9/18/2017
10. Yeah I would have to disagree about the Flood, honestly to me they're terrifying than any of their other appearances. Surprised I haven't had any nightmares with the Flood jackal screams yet. Since infections forms can infect the living pretty quick, especially the marines in 343 GS, it's more challenging. I'm just glad that the combat forms can't pilot vehicles (even though that would be neat) Just think that a Super Brute Form was once planned, along with the Juggernaut, but they were cut.
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