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• 9/20/2017

Elites VS Brutes?

I've always been a Sangheili fan but reecently (idk if Halo Wars 2 is influencing this or not) but I actually am starting to like the Brutes more, or at least appreciate them. SPV3 makes the Brutes feel like they're not trying to replace the Elites, like they now feel like they make more sense to fight and they act unique enough to show it off. Plus reading datapads by Brutes helps show that they're more than just mindless animals and also shows that there is disliking between the two races, even though the Elites don't really mention of it. So which one of the two do you like the most, why, and who would win a fight? For me, it might be a tight call depending on the rank of each one. Elites have shielding but most brute don't except for commanders and war chieftans. While Elites supposedly have newer weapons, the Brute's own designs such as Piercers and Brute Shots help give them an edge with firepower along with their outdated plasma weapons.
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• 9/26/2017
Fyi I'm not saying that I like the Brutes more, the Elites will always be my favorite. But I am starting to actually like them instead of disliking them compared to the past.
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