The Type-52 Anti-Aircraft Artillery (Type-52 AAA), often referred to as the Anti-Air Wraith, is a specialized anti-aircraft variant of the Wraith.

Overview & Background

The Type-52 is distinguished from the Type-26 by its red crimson color scheme instead of the standard Wraith's blue-purple armor color. Upon the driver's exiting the AA Wraith, its double flak cannons fold inward and contract into the body of the vehicle, presumably to keep them protected from enemy gunfire or saboteurs and possibly to allow more compact storage. It might even be necessary in order to travel at high speeds or be air-lifted by a Phantom dropship.

While the standard Type-26 model is equipped with a plasma mortar, which is used mainly against slow-moving ground targets, the Type-52 model is equipped with two variants:

Original Fuel Rod Cannons

In the original Halo SPV3, the AA Wraith was armed with a rapid fire, double barreled Fuel Rod Cannons, as its main armament. These cannons fire special Class-3 Fuel Rods which have much greater range than the normal Class-2 rounds fired by other cannons and are capable of tracking an aircraft's heat signature. They are highly effective against nearby air targets as well as ground targets. The Type-52 shares the Type-26's secondary plasma turret, a non-detachable stationary turret emplacement fixed at the midsection of the vehicle that is optionally manned for defense against medium to close range ground targets and to prevent boarding actions. It should be noted that the plasma bolts fired by the AA-Wraith can explode mid-air, creating a cloud of deadly plasma, resembling the clouds of shrapnel produced by modern-day flak guns' bursting rounds.

The double sets of Fuel Rod Cannons are devastating to both airborne or ground forces. Dozens of shots can be put out in rapid succession, laying waste to enemy emplacements, leveling fortified bunkers in a matter of seconds, and removing an enemy aerial presence. The cannon can also be a threat to low flying Longsword fighter-bombers, even though they have heavier armor than the Pelican dropship. The Anti-Air Wraith can also be used against ground vehicles.

Dual Plasma Cannons

In the new version of Halo SPV3.2, the original Fuel Rod Cannons has been replaced with a dual Heavy Plasma Cannons, like those seen on the Shadow and the Shade. It replaces the slow moving Fuel Rods with a rapid firing Plasma Cannon that - when paired with its secondary Plasma Turrets - could rend enemy armour and shielding in rapid succession.

Compared to the original Fuel Rods, the Dual Plasma Cannons is actually easier to hit aerial targets, as the sheer amount of plasma bolts being shot out could hit Banshees with relative ease. Even against other armoured vehicles such as tanks, the sheer level of unreleneting firepower could reduce a Wraith into a smoking scrap heap in seconds. Against regular infantry, it is even worse, as the weapons could simply mow down hordes of infantry with impunity.

Gameplay Information


  • Effective against air units such as Banshees and Phantoms
  • Effective against infantry due to its rate of fire.
  • Bolts are more powerful on average than the Anti-Personnel Wraith, allowing to take down armored vehicles more easily.
  • Due to this, the AA Wraith is one of the most versatile Wraith variants out there. Making it a very flexible vehicle.


  • Plasma Cannons don't last as the Type-26's Plasma Cannons, the fuel rod shots last a certain distance before exploding.
  • Bolts are easily deflected by a Hunter's shields, making it not optimal when fighting against them.
  • Is the most mediocre of the Wraith variants in terms of damage.
    • In a nutshell, a jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none.
    • It is outclassed in anti-armor by the regular Wraith.
    • It is inferior at taking down heavy aircraft or heavy infantry like the Fuel Rod Wraith.
    • It is outcompeted in firepower against swarms of infantry in comparison to the Anti-Personnel Wraith.

Developer Informations



  • Unlike other Halo titles, the AA Wraith can be driven without glitches.
  • The old Fuel Rod Anti-Air Wraith has been reintroduced as the Fuel Rod Wraith in SPV3.3.
  • With the introduction of the Anti-Personnel Wraith, the role of the AA Wraith has been regulated as the 'versatile' one.


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