"Lead the Marines in an all-out offensive on the control room."

Assault on the Control Room is the fifth mission in Halo SPV3. After Echo-419, enters into a tunnel within Installation 04's system, John-117 must fight through Covenant Forces and reunite with UNSC forces to find Halo's Control Center. Upon reaching the control center and discovering some of Halo's horrible secrets, Cortana tells John-117 that Captain Jacob Keyes is walking into a trap.

Overview & Background

The whole mission takes place in a snow covered canyon which is entirely secured by the Covenant. The objective is to fight through Covenant forces alongside Fire Team Zulu and locate Halo's control room.

Most of the layout remains the same until near the end of the level in which new areas are added such as larger tunnels, underground caverns, and many hills.

Gameplay Information

There are five loadouts available for the player to choose at the beginning of the level:

Loadout Armour Upgrade Grenades Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
Stealth Health Regen Frag Grenades (4) BR54HB/S Battle Rifle (36+252 reserve ammo) M7/S Submachine Gun (60+600 reserve ammo)
Grenadier MA5E/GL Assault Rifle (32+320 reserve ammo and 6 grenades) M6G Pistol (8+80 reserve ammo)
Saboteur BR54HB/GL Battle Rifle (36+360 reserve ammo and 6 grenades) M7/S Submachine Gun (60+600 reserve ammo)
Marksman M393 Designated Marksman Rifle (15+105 reserve ammo) MA5E Assault Rifle (32+320 reserve ammo)
Demolitions M41 Rocket Launcher (2+8 reserve ammo) M6G Pistol (8+80 reserve ammo)

Developer Information



  • There are 18 terminals scattered throughout the level.


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