The Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle/Brute Variant, more commonly known as the Brute Plasma Rifle, and known to the Brutes as the Blood-hand, is a Covenant infantry firearm and is an older version of the original Plasma Rifle used by some Brutes and Grunt Ultras.

Overview & Background

The Brute Plasma Rifle is an older model of the standard Plasma Rifle. Years of repeated use without proper maintenance has caused several of its components to deteriorate. Despite this, the weapon still functions normally, albeit with a few differences.

The Brute Plasma Rifle fires slower when compared to the standard Plasma Rifle model, but each shot expels a greater volume of plasma. These high-energy bolts can overload most energy shielding in very few shots, and the extreme heat generated by these shots means that it can also deal considerable damage against enemy health. Despite the greater amount of heat produced by the rifle, its slower firing speed means that the rate at which the weapon heats up is near-identical to the rate of the newer model. The weapon only has two significant drawbacks: the greater amount of energy used by each shot drains the rifle's battery faster, and as the rifle's battery level drops, it becomes less effective at dissipating heat, a drawback shared with other battery-powered weaponry.

Like with all outdated Covenant weaponry, the Brute Plasma Rifle has been relegated to the Brutes, as the Elites deny them the newer Covenant weaponry. This has proven to be a non-issue, as the Brutes prefer its vastly superior damage to the newer model. Grunt Ultras also favor this weapon, seeing it as an upgrade over the Plasma Pistol since neither handle too differently, unlike the Brute Plasma Pistol.

Modified Plasma Rifle

The Modified Plasma Rifle or otherwise known as the Advanced Plasma Rifle is a variant of the Brute Plasma Rifle used in Lumoria. The Modified Plasma Rifle has an enlarged 'head' which is supposedly where it stores the modified battery. This modified battery allows the Modified Plasma Rifle to have a ridiculous fire rate in contrast to the Brute Plasma Rifle and the normal Plasma Rifle.

Unlike the two Plasma Rifle variants, the Modified Plasma Rifle has a circular meeter on the aiming reticule that judges how close the weapon is to overheating. Due to the extremely high fire rate, the Modified Plasma Rifle has a failsafe that intentionally slows down the rate of fire to a crawl once it nears into overheating territory.

Once it passes the halfway mark, the player can manually vent the excess heat by pressing the reload key, in contrast to the more automatic failsafe of the other Plasma Rifles. This can be used tactically, as one could choose when to vent in hectic situations.

Gameplay Information



  • The plasma bolts fired by the Brute Plasma Rifle deal more damage than those shot by the standard Plasma Rifle; it can melt through shields with very few shots and deals moderate damage to unshielded enemies.

Modified Plasma Rifle

  • Has an extremely high rate of fire, easily depleting the shields and health of enemies.
  • Could manually vent off excess heat, allowing the player the freedom to choose when and where to cool down the weapon.



  • The Brute Plasma Rifle has a slower rate of fire compared to the standard Plasma Rifle.
  • Due to the greater amount of plasma discharged with each shot, the Brute Plasma Rifle drains its battery faster than the standard Plasma Rifle.
    • As the weapon's battery depletes, it becomes less effective at dissipating heat; the lower the battery, the quicker it builds heat and the longer it takes to cool down.
  • The weapon is far more inaccurate than the based Plasma Rifle, making the weapon only useful at close range.

Modified Plasma Rifle

  • The rate of fire would slow to a crawl once the heating meter passes halfway, making the weapon a surprisingly poor choice in extended firefights.

Developer Information


  • Despite it being similar to the one from Halo 2, its rate of fire is much slower.
    • This is rendered moot with the Modified Plasma Rifle, which bears a closer interpretation to the weapon in Halo 2 with its fast fire rate.
  • It works a bit similar to the Spiker, which was introduced in Halo 3.


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