The Type-25B Grenade Launcher or Brute Shot is a Covenant weapon favored exclusively by the Brutes.

Overview & Background

The Brute Shot is a hip-fired, belt-fed grenade launcher designed and exclusively used by the Brutes. It has a fast firing rate for a grenade launcher, capable of quickly firing its six Type-25 Exotic/High-Explosive Antipersonnel Grenades. These grenades fly in a straight trajectory and detonate on impact, and while each grenade has a relatively small blast radius, a few direct hits are enough to quickly kill most enemies. Like other traditional Brute designs, the Brute Shot has a large blade in the form of a sharp, curved, backwards-pointing bayonet attached to its underside, which is used as a devastating melee weapon.

The Brute shot is only carried by high ranking Brute Leaders and Brute Commanders. The only time Brute Followers are allowed to use the Brute Shot is if they have been put in charge of squads consisting of lesser Covenant species such as Grunts and Jackals. Despite its proven efficiency against human adversaries, the Brute Shot is almost never touched by the Elites.

Gameplay Information


  • The Brute Shot has a high rate of fire for a grenade launcher.
  • The Brute Shot deals heavy damage against unshielded enemies, killing weaker enemies such as Grunts, Jackals and Skirmishers with a direct hit.
  • The Brute Shot's grenades travel in a straight flight path when fired, making the weapon very accurate against stationary/slow-moving targets.
  • The Brute Shot's large bayonet allows the weapon to deal twice the amount of damage with a melee attack than other weapons and 4 times as much when Spartan Charging


  • The grenades fired by the Brute Shot have a very minimal blast radius, meaning that direct hits are required to deal substantial damage.
  • Energy shields can resist several grenade impacts before they are drained.
  • Despite the Brute Shot's near-perfect accuracy, the slow travel speed of the grenades makes them very easy for enemies to dodge at longer ranges.
  • As it is only carried by high-ranking Brutes or Follower squad leaders, ammunition for the Brute shot tends to be particularly scarce.

Developer Information


  • The SPV3 Brute Shot is the Type-25B featured in Halo 3, instead of the original Type-25 that first appeared in Halo 2. The Type-25 held 4 grenades that exploded a few seconds after bouncing off of a surface.
  • One major difference is that unlike Halo 3's version, SPV3's Brute Shot cannot detonate grenades on the ground.


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