The SKT-9 Bumblebee or more formally known as the Class-3 Enclosed Heavy Lifeboat, Controlled is a UNSC escape pod most known for ferrying fleeing naval personnel from Covenant attack on the Pillar of Autumn.


As an escape pod, the Bumblebee was meant to survive along with its personnel, the pressures and heat of orbital re-entry. The SKT-9 was designed to ferry up to nine people at a time. It has one pilot seat as well as eight side-facing crash seats. The seats have harnesses to keep people from injury when crash-landing.

As such, control and manoeuvrability of the vehicle was intentionally limited, with the pilot being only able to steer the escape pod to the general direction of safety. The Bumblebee's hull is protected by ablative heat shielding, which protects its crew and passengers from the friction of re-entry speeds, as well as thrusters and air-brakes to slow down during descent; ensuring a safe, albeit, uncomfortable landing.

However, the design of the Bumblebee was not flawless, indeed, if anything, quite a number of personnel died from the impact due to either the air-brakes failing or the pilot being unable to manoeuvre to a safe landing.

Gameplay Information

The Bumblebee is a non-controllable aerospace vehicle whose sole function in the game is to act as a place for the player to stock up on ammo and health packs. A significant portion of these scattered Bumblebee crash sites did not survive the crash-landing, with only a select handful being able to safely land on Halo.

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