The CCS-class battlecruiser is a heavy warship used by the Covenant Navy, one of several different designs of capital ships they employ and the Covenant's principle workhorse in the same vein as the UNSC's Stalwart-class Light Frigate.

These vessels serve as the backbone of the Covenant Navy and consequently are the most commonly sighted capital ship; they are also commonly tasked with glassing operations.

Class History

Human-Covenant War

During the Battle of Installation 04, the Truth and Reconciliation, a CCS-class Battlecruiser, managed to take down the Pillar of Autumn and capture Jacob Keyes. In order to preven the Covenant's whereabouts on Earth, the Master Chief and a group of ODST's successfully infiltrated the Covenant ship and retrieved Keyes.

The Battlecruiser would eventually be seen damaged and overtaken by the Flood - as they prepare to leave via a Proto-Gravemind of an infected Captain Keyes - before being promptly destroyed by Alpha Halo's destruction.

Overview & Background

The CCS-class classification is the most well known type of Covenant warship. The battlecruiser is a long, vaguely organic-shaped spacecraft (often referred to having many bulbous sections), capable of launching dozens of fighters, dropships, and boarding crafts.

Nearly two kilometers from stem to stern, the standard battlecruiser follows the typical architecture of a Covenant ship: a sleek, amphibious design with sweeping contours, bulbous sections, and perfect symmetry, with either two or four fin-like structures beneath the bow. It is shaped this way to allow for mobility in atmosphere during the deployment of infantry, as well as for a significant level of agility when in combat in orbit.

Unlike the larger CAS-class assault carrier and the more aggressively deployed CPV-class heavy destroyer, the battlecruiser serves in a somewhat intermediary role: a fully weaponized warship with the ability to apply meaningful military deployment. For this reason it is frequently utilized, easily surpassing the numbers of any other known Covenant vessel.

The Truth and Reconciliation is the only one encountered in Halo SPV3.


CCS-class battlecruisers are typically armed with several dozen energy weapons, which are used both in ship-to-ship combat and in glassing operations. These weapons include pulse laser turrets, very powerful speed-of-light weapons that fire high-intensity laser bolts. The turrets are chitinous pods featuring insect-like antennae and are located at various points around the vessel.

The battlecruiser also has weapon emplacements along its lateral lines. These weapons include plasma torpedo turrets, which fire long, powerful lances of blue-white, amber, or red plasma contained and guided by a shaped magnetic field. The ship also possesses two energy projectors, located on the ventral surface - one fore and one amidships, concentric with the gravity lift.

In addition to their use in space combat, the energy projectors are used for low-altitude glassing operations. They can seemingly be charged before firing, causing a powerful initial blast, though they are typically fired as a free-flowing beam.

Known Battlecruisers in Halo SPV3


  • Despite the commonality, only one CCS-class appears in the entire game.
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