"You know our motto: we deliver." - Carol Rawley

Carol Rawley (Call Sign: Foe Hammer) was the pilot of Pelican Echo 419 on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.


Battle of Installation 04

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Not long after the UNSC Pillar of Autumn made a blind jump to the Threshold system, Covenant forces descended once again upon the ship. Foe Hammer escaped in the ensuing battle, and descended to the surface of Installation 04, where many United Nations Space Command forces had landed. While everyone else was escaping in lifeboats, she decided to lead the rest of the pilots and take their Pelicans down feeling that they would be useful. There, she helped John-117 and Cortana pick up scattered Marines and get them out of the battlefield and back to Alpha Base. She and Frye assisted John-117 and Cortana many times through the Battle of Installation 04, including inserting them to rescue Captain Keyes in a raid on the Truth and Reconciliation and sending reinforcements when needed, landing them and a squad of Marines on a beach to take the Silent Cartographer, ferrying them to the Control Room, and then taking them to the Flood Containment Facility.

Unlike most UNSC forces on Halo, Foe Hammer managed to survive the Flood outbreak by remaining airborne. However, she was shot down and killed by two Covenant Banshees when she attempted to pick up John-117 and escape Installation 04 minutes before the Autumn exploded and destroyed Halo.


Foe Hammer was considered one of the best crewmen of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Fear was never expressed in her voice, and she was considered to have had the efficiency to get the job done. Foe Hammer put soldiers down on landing zones filled with hostile forces without hesitation, took heavy fire, ignored the odds and the consequences, and did not panic.


In Firefight, Foe Hammer is a hero unit that will be spawned after the player completes all ten waves as a reward. As a hero unit, she cannot die but can be downed and must be needed to be revived. Foe Hammer is considered as the 'glass cannon' class of heroes. Although a bit tougher than Jacob Keyes, she is still lacking in comparison to other units. What she makes up for fragility is through awesome firepower, as she, like some Pilots, are armed with a M310 Grenade Launcher, dealing lethal splash damage against hordes of infantry and higher ranked enemies. However, she still shares the same A.I. as a normal Marine and may accidentally harm herself by firing too close.

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  • The call sign "Foe Hammer" comes from the fourteenth level of Marathon Infinity. "Foe Hammer" is also a literal translation of the name of Gandalf's sword, Glamdring in J.R.R Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings legendarium, as well as the name of the dragon-slaying arrow in Stephen King's book The Eyes of the Dragon. Her callsign is commonly written as "Foehammer" by fans.



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