The Type-5 Antipersonnel Cluster Grenade, more commonly known as the Cluster grenade, is a Brute-manufactured grenade.

Overview & Background

The Cluster Grenade is a relatively simple weapon by design; it consists of six tubes of radioactive incendiary gel, scavenged from the remains of Hunter Assault Cannons, fastened to one end of a short metal pole wrapped in a leather grip. When primed, the incendiary gel of the fuel rod "bomblet" at the tip of the grenade reaches critical mass and the magnetic field containing the gel is disengaged, allowing the bomblet to immediately undergo a nuclear fission detonation upon impact with any object, surface or target. This initial blast disintegrates the metal base holding the other five bomblets of the Cluster Grenade together, scattering them as they also reach critical mass without disengaging their own magnetic containment fields. This means that the dispersed bomblets will not explode on contact with a surface or target, but will do so once their individual magnetic fields have dissipated roughly 1 second after coming to rest.

Gameplay Information


  • Excellent at taking down shields.
  • Capable of killing small groups of enemies.


  • Higher ranks of enemies are a bit more resistant to the blast.
  • The player can cause self harm by throwing too close.
  • Explosive clumps spread differently all the time.

Developer Information



  • The Cluster Grenade is SPV3's obvious spiritual successor to Halo 3's Brute Spike Grenade. Both are explosives used almost exclusively by Brutes, both are stick grenades and both discharges secondary damage. The main difference, however, is that the Spike Grenade could stick on any surface while the Cluster Grenade explodes on impact; as well as the fact that the Spike Grenade discharges flechettes or 'spikes' while the Cluster Grenades releases bomblets.
  • The Cluster Grenade closely resembles the Stielhandgranate - a grenade consisting of an explosive affixed to a short pole - which was used by German infantry during World Wars I and II.
    • It specifically resembles a Geballte Ladung or "Bundle Charge", wherein multiple grenades (their sticks and charges removed) were strapped to a complete Stielhandgranate to create an improvised Anti-Tank/Anti-Building explosive.
  • The scattering nature of the Cluster Grenade's bomblets is reminiscent to the Incineration Cannon's projectiles from Halo 4.


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