The M12G1 Light Anti-Armour Vehicle (M12G1 LAAV), commonly known as the Gauss Warthog, is a variant of the UNSC M12 FAV Warthog

Overview and Background

The M12G1 LAAV variant of the Warthog is equipped with an M68 Asynchronous Linear-Induction Motor Gauss Cannon as its main armament; a small-scale Magnetic Accelerator Cannon mounted on the tray at the rear of the vehicle.

The M68 launches 25x130mm slugs at an extremely high velocity, generating immense kinetic energy when fired and giving each shot exceptional armour penetration ability. This means that the Gauss Cannon is primarily deployed as an anti-vehicle weapon, as the high-damage and high-speed projectiles can destroy fast-moving, lightly armoured vehicles in as little as two shots.

While this extreme firepower can also kill most types of infantry units instantly, the recharge delay between shots and the inability to eliminate more than one target per shot makes it ineffective against large groups of infantry.

Gameplay Information



  • Gauss Rounds destroy vehicles very quickly.
  • Gauss Rounds are lethal against infantry.



  • Marines that are positioned unto the Gauss Cannon miss at times.

Developer Information






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