The M850 Main Battle Tank, commonly known as the Grizzly, is a heavily armored UNSC tank. It is similar to its older brother the M808B Main Battle Tank but much larger and far more powerful.

Overview & Background

The M850 Main Battle Tank is the larger and heavier cousin to the M808 Scorpion. The Grizzly is the UNSC's heaviest ground assault vehicle short of mobile command bases like the Elephant or Mammoth. These tanks are meant for the heaviest engagements for the UNSC; deployed in situations that require devastating firepower and a resilient design in a single, mobile package.


The Grizzly is protected by thick armor plating which allows it to survive even the fiercest attacks and features dual M310 120mm Smooth-Bore High-Velocity Cannons mounted in its turret. These cannons can easily punch a hole through almost any Covenant vehicle and fire S1 canister shells to decimate infantry formations. Twin co-axially mounted M247T Medium Machine Guns gives it additional firepower.

Operation Service

The Grizzly first entered service in 2509. Grizzlies were used to great effect during the Liberation of Harvest, and the UNSC Spirit of Fire contained a robust inventory of M850s during the extraordinary events of 2531. During the Battle of Installation 04, two of the four Grizzly tanks from the Pillar of Autumn were used during the Assault on The Control Room.

Gameplay Information


  • Main cannons are effective at close to mid ranges.
  • It reloads within two seconds instead of four like the last model.


  • Compared to the Scorpion, the Grizzly's cannons have poor accuracy at long ranges.
  • The treads can get stuck in some areas and can harm marines easily.

Developer Information



  • The Grizzly Tank's first appearance is from Halo Wars.
  • Unlike the one from Halo Wars, the Grizzly from Halo SPV3 only has four tracks rather than five. This could be due to either technical or animation difficulties.


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