A Health Kit in Halo SPV3

The health kit (or health pack) is a first aid kit containing the standard combat wound treatment, which is used by all UNSC combat personnel, ranging from Marines to even Spartans. Each health kit contains an amount of biofoam, a stitch kit, polypseudomorphine, self-adhering antiseptic battle dressings, and other useful field dressing components.

Health kits are standard requirements aboard many UNSC ships for medical events. Health kits are often seen on corridor walls at regular intervals. There are also two health kits located in a Pelican. Both of them are on each side of the door to the cockpit. They seem to be more rectangular in shape than regular health kits and are inaccessible to the player.


The health kits are present in Halo SPV3. The health kit would refill the player's health, but would have no effect on their shields.


In Halo SPV3, health kits are best used after combat. There are two reasons for this.

  • Your characters shields may be down, so the regenerated health may be lost again.
  • The white flash caused by picking one of these up will blind you for a period of about 1–2 seconds. This gives opponents a chance to attack.

A new feature included in Halo SPV3 is that each Warthog holds two health kits. This can be used to heal the player and any passenger in the vehicle by pressing Q (or whiever button the player has assigned). Once both health kits are used, no more are respawned so if the player needs to be healed, it is best to find a health kit or aqquire another Warthog that has a health kit or two in it.