Health Regeneration, abbreviated to Health Regen, is an armour upgrade developed by the UNSC which can be directly integrated into MJOLNIR Armour.

Overview & Background

An integrated Health system. The Health Regen allows an automated medical system to inject biofoam when it detects serious bodily injuries via a smart-link through the armor. In contrast to a Health Kit, the Health Regen is much more portable and convenient in the middle of a firefight.

While this means that the person carrying the Health Regen has an advantage in long engagements, the armor abillity could only work after a long rest of inaction.

Gameplay Information


  • Health Regen will restore up to two-thirds the player's health. This encourages the player to fight more aggressively and to take more risks during combat, as they don't have to rely solely on Medkits placed in specific areas to recover their health.


  • Health Regen is incapable of fully restoring the player's health, with Medkits being the only way to do so.
  • Health Regen will only activate once the player's energy shields have been fully recharged, effectively increasing the amount of time the player has to stay out of combat to recharge.

Developer Information



  • The Health Regen along with Radar, is one of the few armour abilities that is always used passively and never needs to be manually activated, Q (or whichever key the player assigned) is used for the flashlight.
    • Despite this, it should be noted that this armour ability is not equipped when starting a level unless if the player chose a loadout with this ability in it.



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