The Mgalekgolo, referred by humans as Hunters, are a unique gestalt of Lekgolo worms species of the Covenant Empire.

Overview and Background

Mgalekgolo are the strongest and most resilient species within the Covenant. A Mgalekgolo usually stands between 3.66 metres (12.0 ft) and 3.96 metres (13.0 ft) tall, but crouches to between 2.44 metres (8.0 ft)and 2.59 metres (8.5 ft) when in its combat state to protect its unarmored stomach and neck. A Mgalekgolo can become larger than even a standard Covenant Wraith.

Mgalekgolos fight primarily by using the heavy assault cannons integrated directly into their armor on one arm. On the other arm, they carry an enormous and nearly impervious two-part metal shield that is made from the same material that forms Covenant warship hulls and weighs approximately two tons. This shield protects them from almost every form of plasma-based or ballistic weaponry available to Covenant and human infantry and is a powerful melee tool capable of crushing anything in its path and allowing the Mgalekgolo to sweep away most enemies in close combat. Despite their immense mass, the Mgalekgolo are surprisingly nimble and can gain a surprising burst of speed when they move in for a melee kill.

Rank Structure, Weaponry and Equipment

Rank Image Description
Hunter Spec-Ops These Mgalekgolo have achieved the highest rank available to them. They are seen with black armor and Hunter Shade Cannons. They are used in special operations and are rarely encountered on the field.
Hunter Major Hunter Majors have seen more experience than their minor counterparts and are seen with gold armor and wield Hunter Fuel Rod Cannons. They are used in the front lines and assaulting enemy positions.
Hunter Minor Hunter Minors are seen with blue armor and wield Hunter Beam Cannons. They are mostly used as reserves or guards of places of interest.

Gameplay Information


Hunters are always encountered in pairs of two.


It is recommended to keep moving as their Cannons deal hevay damage. If an overshield happans to be nearby, use it as it will make it easier to combat them. Aim for the weak spots such as the neck and back as it's impossible to destroy their armor. However, heavy weapons and heavy vehicles are effective and much easier to kill Hunters with. The DMR, Battle Rifle, and Sniper Rifle are very effective againist hunters.

Developer Information



  • In Halo CE, it took one pistol shot in the back to kill them. However in SPV3, for balance reasons and the M6D being swapped for the M6G, this is no longer the case.
  • In Tagalog, "Mga" means "the" in plural use. Mgalekgolo in English would be "the Lekgolos."
  • The Hunter resembles the enemy of the same name from Bungie's older series Marathon, except that Marathon's Hunter had a shoulder-mounted weapon rather than an arm-mounted weapon.
  • The number of syllables in a Mgalekgolo's name may be a 7 reference, as 3 + 2 + 2 = 7.


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