An unused, white Point Defense Gauntlet typically carried by Spec-Ops Jackals.

Point Defense Gauntlets, also known as Jackal Shields, are arm-held energy shields mainly used by the Covenant Jackals for protection from enemy fire or close to mid-range explosions.


Worn on the forearm of the user, the gauntlet creates a plasma barrier contained within a magnetic field, much like the Sangheili energy sword. This shield deflects and absorbs small arms weaponry to an extent; UNSC ballistic weapons and Needler/Shredder needles simply bounce off the plasma barrier, whereas the Covenant's plasma-based weaponry is absorbed by the plasma barrier, eventually collapsing it.

Heavier weaponry, such as the Hunter Fuel Rod Cannon, M41 Rocket Launcher, and the Gauss Cannon, are considerably effective against the gauntlet's plasma barrier. Alternatively, explosions and extreme force from grenades and melee attacks will collapse the plasma barrier and likely kill the wearer in the process. The shield has a small open section on both sides allowing the use of small arms. These openings, however, create a disadvantage for the user as they expose said weapon and any body parts behind it to enemy fire.

The shield of the point defense gauntlet reflects its current charge by changing color gradually from its original color to red before it deactivates completely.

There are several models of point defense gauntlets. The most common one is mounted on a wrist strap with an oval emitter, and has two cutaways for firing. A smaller variant is worn by Skirmisher Majors both wrists, and provide increased protection for the Skirmisher's upper body and arms.

Gameplay Information


  • Usable Jackal Shields can block almost all forms of ballistic and plasma fire.
  • The only way the shield can be disabled is with the EMP effect generated by Gravity Grenades and Plasma Pistol/Void's Tear overcharge shots. Aside from those, the Jackal Shield cannot be overloaded otherwise.


  • The Jackal Shield obscures a large portion of the user's view, as it's near-blinding white colouration makes it almost impossible to see anything past the shield.
    • The VISR Armour Upgrade can be used to circumvent this, as the coloured overlays generated by VISR can still be seen through the shield while wielding the shield, allowing them to effectively see through the shield.
  • The Jackal Shield can only block incoming damage from the direction the user is facing, and leaves them vulnerable to attacks from the sides and the rear unless they turn to face in that direction.
    • Despite this The Jackal Shield cannot protect the user from explosive weaponry or melee attacks; the damage will bypass the Shield even if the user faces themselves in the direction of these.
  • The Jackal Shield's nature as a purely defensive tool means that it offers no other ways of directly dealing damage, effectively restricting the user to melee attacks and thrown grenades.

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