"Stage a one-cyborg assault and bring back the captain."

Keyes is the ninth level in Halo SPV3. In order to access the self-destruct codes to the Pillar of Autumn, Cortana suggests finding Captain Keyes in order to gain his neural implants. Cortana teleports the Master Chief inside the Truth and Reconciliation. John-117 must fight his way through the Flood to save the Captain before it's too late.

Overview & Background

Just like the Truth and Reconciliation, the level takes place aboard the ship and below a small canyon full of coolant pools. However, it's not only Covenant that is aboard, the whole level is full of Flood forms, and some Sentinels included. A new rank of Covenant is introduced after gaining the neural implants. This rank which applies to Elites, Jackals, and Grunts are known as the Special Operations.

Gameplay Information

Keyes is an extremely dense mission, that fills a lot of high damage enemies into tight places with the player.

Developer Information

The amount of enemies in particular areas of this mission is actually lower than the amount on the Original game.


  • There are 6 terminals scattered throughout the level
    • 3 are from Captain Jacob Keyes while under the influence of the Flood.
  • This level is when Spec Ops troops are introduced.
  • If the player manages to kill all the Special Operation Elites, they will be replaced by Brutes in the Maw.
  • Audio of Captain Keyes getting mentally tortured by the Flood is taken from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.


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