The GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor is the main single ship of the United Nations Space Command Defense Force, and is a mainstay starfighter, filling a variety of roles simultaneously.

Overview & Background

The Longsword is the UNSC's primary fighter-bomber, performing both its roles as a starfighter and a strategic bomber with lethal and devastating effect. The Longsword had largely replaced the aging Shortsword bomber by the time the Human-Covenant War began.

Armed with a plethora of weapons up to, and including Havoc anti-ship nuclear warheads. The Longsword was a force to be reckoned with and its enormously large size denotes its reputation. While Longswords could hold its own against Covenant space assets like Seraphs and Space Banshees, in atmosphere, a Longsword could deal devastating and crippling bombing runs, to the point that the Covenant had to install potent anti-air fortifications like the Type-27 Mantis in order to deter them.

Gameplay Information

Although it can't be piloted during gameplay, it can be called in for a bombing run at the first tower in the level Halo on any difficulty.


  • Can destroy very large groups of enemies at once


  • Only appears once.

How to Unlock

In order to unlock the bombing run at the first tower on Halo, run to the lifepod before any Dropships arrive. Once inside, go up to the dead pilot and it will say on the HUD "Press E to boost distress beacon."

After this, all the Phantoms will start to appear at once instead of individual waves. When surviving long enough, the Longsword pilot will say that he is starting his run and then it can be seen overhead as enemies are killed from numerous explosions.

Developer Information



  • Despite being shown in the end being piloted, the Longsword and the Pelican are the only UNSC vehicles that can't be piloted during gameplay.
  • There is a typo when activating the lifepod, it should say "beacon" instead of "becon" as it says.
  • The bombing run scenario can be buggy, meaning certain dialogue and even the Longsword itself may not show up unless if the player reverts to their last save. Also, not all Covenant is killed during the bombing run.


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