The M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon, commonly referred to as the Rocket Launcher or the SPNKr Rocket Launcher, is a United Nations Space Command heavy ordnance weapon.

Overview & Background

The M41 SSR fires 102mm HEAT shaped charge rockets. The launcher sports a 2x scope and can fire rockets over long distances with devastating accuracy, although its altitude decreases over longer distances.

When reloaded, the barrels are removed and two pre-loaded barrels are then inserted back into the unit. With this mechanism, a Marine can greatly reduce the weight he has to carry without throwing the weapon away like some contemporary disposable rocket launchers.

Gameplay Information


  • Effective against groups of infantry, heavy infantry, and vehicles
  • Incredible damage against shields.


  • Self-lethal at close range
  • Slow reloading

Developer Information



  • The M41 SSR is essentially a Halo universe copy of the SPNKR-X17/18 SSM Launcher (Lazyboy) from Bungie's Marathon trilogy. The word "SPNKR" is an abbreviation of the word Spanker and serves as an inside joke for both fans and Bungie staff of the older series.
  • The Halo PC manual falsely states that the M41, which it misnames as the "M19 SSM Rocket Launcher," has 8x magnification even though in-game only 2x is available.


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