The M7057 Defoliant Projector (M7057 DP), more commonly known as the Flamethrower, is a United Nations Space Command heavy ground weapon.

Overview & Background

The M7057/DP is a standard chemical flamethrower, which projects and ignites a stream of a volatile, semi-liquid fuel known as Pyrosene-V. Flamethrowers are cumbersome and relatively difficult to tactically employ. It originally appeared in the multiplayer of Halo PC. Referring to the M7057/DP as a weapon is a bit of a misnomer as the "DP" in its nomenclature indicate that it is a 'Defoliant Projector' — to be used to rapidly clear away heavy foliage for in-theatre construction projects and to destroy new or persistent growth from emplacements and/or hardened military assets. It is normally used with a cart, instead of being carried.

Despite it being primarily a civilian weapon, it has been used as an effective psychological and tactical weapon as well. However, this psychological affect is a double-edged sword. The psychological impact of employing an M7057 makes it one in a very small number of items available to UNSC personnel that remotely earmarks the user for a full battery of psychological tests.

Military personnel who use or specialize in the Flamethrower are called Hellbringers. Despite the presence of these weapons, however, no Hellbringers were shown in SPV3.

Gameplay Information


  • The Flamethrower deals insanely high damage against all types of enemy infantry, regardless of whether they possess energy shielding or not.
  • The fuel expelled by the Flamethrower burns for a short while and possesses adhesive qualities, allowing for residue to stick to surfaces and enemies while still remaining dangerous.
    • When applied to surfaces, the Flamethrower can be used as an effective area denial tool, since the burning residue can halt an enemy advance or covering a retreat.
    • When used directly against enemy infantry, the residue will continue to deal damage to whomever it sticks to until it completely burns off. This can be used to both prevent the recharging of an enemy's energy shielding and to finish off ignited enemies without having to waste the Flamethrower's ammo.
    • Due to this, the Flamethrower remains one of the few non-explosive weapons that could hit multiple enemies at once.
  • Any dropped grenades which are caught in the Flamethrower's flames will be cooked off and detonated, which can potentially injure and/or take out nearby enemies.


  • The Flamethrower is practically useless when used against vehicles.
  • Using the Flamethrower at very close quarters can be highly dangerous, as the burning residue is fully capable of damaging the player and grenades dropped by burning enemies will explode.
  • The Flamethrower's fuel supply cannot be replenished in any way, meaning the weapon must be discarded or replaced once the supply has been exhausted.
  • The Flamethrower is considerably rarer than other weapons, as it can only be found in predetermined locations of a level. This combined with its very high fuel consumption means that the weapon should be reserved for critical situations/enemies.
  • The Flamethrower will overheat relatively quickly if fired continuously, making it a recommended tactic to fire the weapon in short bursts.
  • The Flamethrower has a shorter effective range than most weapons, due to how the fuel expelled by it travels slowly and is affected by gravity. This makes it using the weapon beyond close-to-medium range impractical or outright impossible.

Developer Information

There are many instances of the Flamethrower being hidden in a level, so keep your eyes peeled while exploring the later levels!


  • The Flamethrower is found in almost all Flood levels. The level Keyes and The Maw contains the most Flamethrowers of any level. The level Keyes had a total of 4 Defoliant Projectors:
    • The first is right at the beginning, literally in front of the player.
    • The second is found semi-hidden beside the ledge that leads up to the Truth and Reconciliation's gravity lift.
    • The third is found in a small crevice of a large semi-opened vehicle door right after you re-board the Truth and Reconciliation. It is accessible by crouching through the crevice of which several weapons and powerups including the Flamethrower is found.
    • The fourth is found in the vehicle/wraith hangar. Simply go down the walkway leading on the first floor. The weapons should be found in one of the side walls where one could use cover.
  • The level The Maw also had four Flamethrowers:
    • The first is found early on once you climbed down the first ladder on the second floor. It is located behind the barricade/cover.
    • The second is found at the armory near the Pillar of Autumn's bridge. It is accessible after the cutscene with the sentinels and is located at the top on one of the weapon caches.
    • The third is found behind a pillar in the area after you fight your way through the cryo-chamber control room. The room is identifiable as it has a lot of Flood Growth Pods, specifically all piled up behind a semi-opened blast door.
    • The fourth and final Flamethrower is found in the Pillar of Autumn's armory right before the engine room. Simply go right instead of left. The armory is the one with the notorious invisible Flood Elite Combat Forms. The weapon is found leaning on a wall on the right end of the armory.
  • In Halo SPV3.2, the level Fight For The Future in Lumoria, remains the only non-Flood level to contain the Flamethrower. The weapon is hidden in a small cave at the beginning of the level in the first firefight. However, in SPV3.3, it has been replaced by the T-850 Chaingun.
  • The Defoliant Projector was inspired by a similar flamethrower from the Marathon series. The Defoliant Projector's number, 7057, is an alpha-numeric call-back to the weapon from Marathon's name, the TOZT which means TOST (Toast) in leet speak.
  • The shark-like decal on it is borrowed from the WWII fighter plane model Curtis P-40, which had the tiger-shark decal, painted on it by the Flying Tigers (American Volunteer Group).
  • Present-day flamethrowers have a range of up to one hundred meters (about 300 feet). Strangely, 540 years in the future, the range has decreased by 86%, the weight has significantly increased, and the ammunition capacity has decreased, but it is likely that it is just for gameplay purposes and is not as a canon element.
  • In the cutscene of the level Keyes, where John-117 retrieves Captain Jacob Keyes' neural implants, John-117 was meant to burn Keyes' skull out of the Brain Form/Proto-Gravemind and retrieve the implants. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the Flamethrower was removed. Lorraine McLees was the one who actually had to skin the whole "burnt" skull and she added that she had done her job so well that "the skull was so gruesome no one could look at it."
  • Compared to the Halo PC version, the nozzle is much shorter and wider (which means a shorter but wider, deadlier spray)


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