An Overshield is a form of cuboid Covenant-developed technology that strengthens the energy shielding system of the user.

Overview & Background

The overshield technology is developed by the Covenant to enhance their Sangheili warriors' personal shielding system. The overshield can be used by anyone utilizing a personal shielding system such as a SPARTAN in a Mjolnir Armor or Sangheili with a Combat Harness.

In Halo: Combat Evolved, the overshield boosts the player's shields to 300%. The player's normal shield does not take damage until the overshield is completely depleted (although any damage overlapping from something destroying the overshield (i.e. a grenade's explosion) will also do damage to the player's normal shield).

Gameplay Information


  • Useful and recommended when attacking Hunters or a large group of enemies with higher ranked units.
  • Can allow the player to take a lot more damage and escape out of tricky situations.


  • Can still be depleted by an Overcharged shot from a Plasma Pistol.

Developer Informations



  • The Overshield shares some resemblence to the Reflex Enhancement powerup, with the only difference being the shape. The Overshield is cuboid whilse the Reflex Enhancement is a trapezoid.


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