The Type-25 Guided Munitions Pistol, also known as the Piercer, is a Covenant infantry firearm used mostly by Grunt Ultras and some Brute Commanders.

Overview & Background

On appearance, this handgun-sized weapon is based on much more primitive technology when compared to the majority of Covenant weapons such as the Plasma Rifle, suggesting a Brute origin. The Piercer fires miniature heated flechettes, not unlike the Type-25 Spiker. It sports two firing modes: Pressing the trigger once will fire a five-round burst, while holding the trigger will cause a continuous stream of bursts. The heated nails fired from the Piercer have a tracking behavior similar to the Needler, albeit not as good as the latter. The weapon also sports a bayonet, which is utilized during melee animations.

On the field, it is not a particularly common weapon to be seen. Brutes occasionally wield this weapon but it is most fielded by the Grunt Ultras. Then again, Grunt Ultras are amongst the highest rank within the Grunt hierarchy and they are a rather uncommon sight in the field.

Gameplay Information


  • The heated nails of the Piercer deal devastating damage against unshielded enemies, making it capable of taking out relatively weaker enemies such as Grunts, unprotected Jackals/Skirmishers and various Flood forms in a few bursts.
  • Unlike the Needler, the Piercer's Flechettes always track a target's centre of mass. This makes the weapon highly effective against Flood Combat Forms; since the original host's centre of mass is mostly taken up by the controlling Infection Form, the flechettes fired by the Piercer can easily strike the Infection Form, killing it and its Combat Form host.
  • The Piercer has the fastest melee attack of any weapon available, making it effective at damaging/eliminating enemies in quick succession.
  • Like other Brute weapons, the Piercer is equipped with a sharp blade on its underside, allowing it to deal twice the amount of damage with melee attacks. This combined with its fast melee attack means that the Piercer has the most effective melee attack of any weapon.


  • Much like other ballistic weapons, the Piercer deals mediocre damage against energy shields. This makes it an unreliable weapon to use against Elites and Brute Commanders/Chieftains unless their shields are down.
    • Since the homing flechettes always track a target's centre of mass, the Piercer is practically useless against Jackal Infantry in a defensive stance, as the flechettes will almost always home themselves into Jackal's point-defence gauntlet and reflect off of it.
  • Has very little ammo around the map.

Developer Information



  • The Piercer was heavily inspired by a Brute weapon from the cancelled Halo MMO


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