The M12A1 Light Anti-Armour Vehicle (M12A1 LAAV), commonly known as the Rocket Warthog, is a variant of the UNSC M12 FAV Warthog.

Overview and Background

The M12A1 LAAV variant of the Warthog is equipped with an M39 102mm Shaped Charge-High Explosive Rocket Turret as its main armament; a triple-barreled variant of the M41 Rocket Launcher attached to a modified turret body with a targeting assist computer affixed on top, all of which is mounted on the tray at the rear of the vehicle.

The M39 fires 3 102mm High-Explosive Anti-Tank Rockets (the same ammunition used by the Rocket Launcher) semi-automatically before initiating a four-second reload cycle, during which the Warthog and its occupants are vulnerable to counterattack. Each fired rocket is extremely destructive individually, capable of instantly killing infantry caught in the explosive blast and destroying most vehicles in one or more direct hits.

However, the slow flight speed of the rockets makes the Rocket Turret ineffective when used against fast-moving or distant targets such, meaning that the rocket turret is generally deployed as either an anti-infantry or anti-tank weapon.

Gameplay Information


  • The Rockets fired from the turret can do major damage to vehicles and enemies.
  • One can 'rapid-fire' all three rockets in quick succession to deal tremendous damage against heavy armor.


  • Rockets travel slower than chain gun fire and gauss rounds.
  • Can cause self-damage to the player if used close to enemies.
  • Rockets are unable to lock-on to enemy aircraft.

Developer Information


  • The Rocket Hog was first only playable in the multiplayer of Halo PC


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