The Sentinel Knight is a cut enemy from Halo SPV3. The Knight, along with the Soldier, would've only appeared in The Library.

Gameplay Information

It would've functioned like the Promethean Knight from Halo 5 Guardians. It's weapon would've acted like the Fuel Rod Gun from Halo CE

Developer Information

Due to a lot of missions being packed full with encounters, slowing the game speed, and there wasn't a real place to put them, they were cut. Even if they would've been included, there wouldn't have been enough space for their data.


  • They seem to be inspired by the Promethean Knight from Halo 4.
    • Though in comparison, the design of the Sentinel Knight better matches the Pre-343 Industries art style of the Forerunners and Sentinels than the Promethean Knight.



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