The Type-25 Troop Carrier, otherwise known as the Spirit, is a Covenant infantry and logistical transport craft.

Overview & Background

The Spirit is a moderately large craft, similar in size to the Pelican dropship. Capable of powered flight and hovering, the dropship appears quite cumbersome and awkward to fly based on battlefield observations, but it has been known to reach speeds of 350 kilometers per hour while cruising and has a maximum speed of 1,099 km/h while in the atmosphere. Spirits are angular, tuning fork-shaped spacecraft with two parallel personnel bays along the exterior of each "prong."

The Spirits are dedicated transports for infantry and vehicles. Each of these personnel bays has two doors that open and close vertically; however, they do not close fully and leave a small opening along the length of the bay. Between these extended personnel bays, an energy field fluctuates visibly as it generates the ship's anti-gravity propulsion (similar in appearance to the energy pulse of the "gravity lift" elevators the Covenant use to commute between the ground and the hovering ships). This same gravity-beam has been known to ferry Covenant vehicles, usually Ghosts, Wraiths and Shade turrets, or other small objects such as supply canisters for ground troops. As such it can only possess one defensive weapon, either a heavy plasma autocannon or a light plasma mortar, beneath its main fuselage at a time.

Gameplay Information

The spirit dropship does not appear in any gameplay capacity in Halo SPV3. The Spirit only appears in 2 places in SPV3; during the escape of The Truth and Reconciliation, and crashed in the swamp at the beginning of 343 Guilty Spark.

Developer Information

The Spirit was originally not planned to appear at all in SPV3. However, a lack of a good solution to redo the escape sequence from The Truth and Reconciliation necessitated its return. Likewise in 343 Guilty Spark, using the actual Phantom model was too obstructive to place in the swamp and we wanted to at least show the Spirit Dropship at least one more time for canonical consistency. 


  • The Spirit is jokingly known as the "Tuning fork" among Bungie employees due to its shape. Marines in the Halo: Combat Evolved level Halo also use the same reference.
  • In Halo: Combat Evolved, the Marathon logo can be seen on the front of the cockpit.
  • Only two Spirits appear in SPV3.


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