Sprint is an armor ability produced by the UNSC for units such as Spartans. Sprint allows the user to move at an increased speed at the cost of the ability to fire.

Overview & Background

Sprint is an armor ability that gifts a SPARTAN enhanced endurance and speed. While a SPARTAN is already superhumanly fast and agile, Sprint increases a SPARTAN's speed several fold. Allowing a SPARTAN to swiftly go from point A to point B in a short notice.

The catch is that the SPARTAN needs to focus his/her entire focus in controlling their leg muscles. Therefore, the ability to move and fire is rendered unergonomic and impractical in the process.

Gameplay Information


  • Can be used to bypass an overwhelming amount of enemies or to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time if a vehicle is absent.


  • While sprint is in effect you the player can't use any weapon or explosives.
  • The player is still vulnerable to taking fire from the enemy.

Developer Informations



  • Sprint is a direct reference to the same armor ability introduced in Halo Reach and Halo 5, which later became the standard-issue SPARTAN ability in Halo 5.



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