"Keep the Brutes at bay, and thwart the Parasite's scheme."

The Commander is the cut tenth mission in Halo SPV3. It is listed as SPV3D30, also known as D30.

Overview & Background

This mission was a spinoff of Halo SPV3 where the player controls Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee to fight the Sentinels and the Flood. The Flood would have taken control of the Cartographer to learn more about Installation 04 and how to escape it. It would've been revealed that the Cartographer was not a map room, but a monitoring room where the Flood was figuring how to get around to places. The player would've mostly been restricted to Covenant weapons and the sword would've been an armor ability. The mission would've been a mini sandbox but with different mechanics. It was ultimately cut due to there being so many ways to run around The Silent Cartographer.

Gameplay Information


Developer Information



  • Presumed to be the only level that the player would've controlled a different character than the Master Chief