"Fight your way through the facility in search of the Index"

The Library is the seventh mission in Halo SPV3. Upon discovering that the Flood has been unleashed on the Halo ring, 343 Guilty Spark assigns John-117 to help retrieve the Index. Master Chief is teleported to Installation 04's Library, the keep of the Sacred Icon. The Master Chief must fight through multiple hordes of Flood and Covenant Infantry while being aided by the Sentinels.

Overview & Background

The Library is a series of long corridors that consists of four floors. The objective is to follow the Monitor to locate the index. However, the hallways are full of Flood combat forms that attack in high numbers and seem to infinitely continue. There are also small groups of Covenant that can be found in certain corners. Throughout the level, you are aided by Sentinels with Incineration Beams that can burn through flesh, but are weak against shields.

Gameplay Information


Developer Informations



  • There are 9 terminals scattered throughout the level
  • Human Combat Forms are very uncommon throughout the mission.



HALO CE (SPV3.1) - Walkthrough - Part 8- THE LIBRARY

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