"Destroy Halo before Halo destroys all life in the galaxy."

The Maw is the twelth and final mission in Halo SPV3. In this level, John-117 makes his way through the wreck of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn, in order to detonate the ship's fusion reactors and destroy Halo, the Flood, and the Covenant armada, thus preventing the destruction of humans and potentially, all sentient life in the galaxy. Just like the previous two levels, the player has no allies.

Overview & Background

The whole layout of this level is the same as the Pillar of Autmun; however, everything appears to be in ruins, the player has no marines for aid, all enemy types are there, and the corridors are dark.

Gameplay Information

Everything that the player has learned must be put to good use in this level since enemies are in high numbers.

After the destroying the fusion reactors, you must drive a warthog and reach the waypoint under five or six minutes, depending on the difficulty.

Developer Information



  • There are 6 terminals scattered throughout the level with 4 Cortana logs that are difficulty specific for a total of 9
    • The 4 Cortana logs can be found in the same location, one log per difficulty, as they each vary.
  • If the player has killed all Spec Ops Elites aboard the Truth and Reconciliation on the level Keyes, instead of Elites showing up, it's all Brutes.
  • Since in the previous level where the player controlled Master Chief, None Left Behind, ended with the Chief escaping in a Pelican dropship, the initial cutscene to The Maw has been altered to feature a Pelican instead of a Banshee approaching the Pillar Of Autumn.


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Halo CE (SPV3.2) - Walkthrough - Final Mission- THE MAW

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