"Escape intact as Covenant forces board your ship."

The Pillar of Autumn is the first mission in Halo SPV3. The UNSC Pillar of Autumn, having escaped the destruction of Reach, has arrived near a strange object. Unfortunately, the Covenant, who are here as well, having beaten the Autumn to the object and proceed to attack the ship. Master Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN John-117 is awakened from his cryo-sleep makes his way to the ship's bridge to be briefed by Captain Jacob Keyes about their current situation. After the brief meeting, the Master Chief, with his new AI companion Cortana, make his way off the ship via a Bumblebee escape pod.

Overview & Background

This level is set in the UNSC Pillar of Autumn where the main objective of the mission is escaping the ship. This level is modified depending on the difficulty chosen. Like in Halo: Combat Evolved, Sergeant Johnson makes different speeches at the beginning of the level for each difficulty. Unlike Halo: Combat Evolved, however, the training portion is automatically disabled for Normal difficulty and both the motion tracker and grenades are enabled.

Gameplay Information

SPV3 introduces new additions and gameplay mechanics in The Pillar of Autumn, such as Brutes, auto turret terminals, gravity terminals, and new extended areas to explore.

The auto turret functions when the player activates a terminal by pressing E (or whichever key is assigned instead), activating and attacking nearby enemies. Gravity terminals work in a similar fashion, except that when the terminals are disabled, gravity will destabilize and then re-stabilize at certain parts of the ship; when enabled, gravity will remain stabilized.

Developer Information



  • There are 12 terminals scattered throughout the level.
    • 3 Covenant Datapads belong to Noga 'Moramee.
    • 3 Covenant Datapads belong to Isna 'Nosolee.
  • There is a secret terminal that will unlock the Heretic Warthog for later levels such as Halo.
  • The new SPV3 layout of the level brings players to the oval elevator that would later be seen at the end of The Maw. In The Pillar of Autumn though, it takes you to a different floor.



Halo CE (SPV3.2) - Walkthrough - Mission 1- PILLAR OF AUTUMN

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