"Search for the map room that will lead you to the secrets of Halo."

The Silent Cartographer is the fourth campaign level of Halo SPV3. The Covenant believe that Halo's Map Room - The Silent Cartographer - is somewhere under an island, concealed within the multiple structures on it. John-117 leads the UNSC ODSTs in an assault on an island that contains the map room for the Halo Installation, in order to locate the Control Room.

Overview & Background

The level begins with two Pelicans dropping off the player along with several ODSTs at a beach. The new assault adds a couple of Wraiths on the front, although they are quickly destroyed(at times a mortar could possibly hit you on higher difficulties).

Gameplay Information

There are five loadouts available for the player to choose at the beginning of the level:

Loadout Armour Upgrade Grenades Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
Grenadier Health Regen Frag Grenades (4) MA5E/GL Assault Rifle (32+320 reserve ammo and 6 grenades) M6G Pistol (8+80 reserve ammo)
Saboteur BR54HB/GL Battle Rifle (36+360 reserve ammo and 6 grenades) M7 Submachine Gun (60+600 reserve ammo)
Marksman M393 Designated Marksman Rifle (15+105 reserve ammo) MA5E Assault Rifle (32+320 reserve ammo)
Recon BR54HB Battle Rifle (36+252 reserve ammo) MA5E Assault Rifle (32+320 reserve ammo)
Demolitions M41 Rocket Launcher (2+4 reserve ammo) M91 Shotgun (8+16 reserve ammo)

Developer Information



  • There are 18 terminals scattered throughout the level.
    • 3 UNSC Datapads belong to Alexander Locklear
    • 3 UNSC Datapads belong to Elias Haverson
    • 3 Covenant Datapads belong to Gargartus
    • 3 Covenant Datapads belong to Tsek Vadum
  • In Halo: Combat Evolved, marines were used but in Halo SPV3, ODSTs are used instead.
  • Originally, the Elite that locks the security door is a Zealot but in SPV3, it is an Elite Honor Guard Major instead.
  • When the cutscene of the security door being unlocked is played, the Elite doesn't run out in a confused manner, contrary to Halo CE.
  • The Commander, one of the new missions added in 2019, uses the same level design as this mission.


The exterior of the island's installation.



Halo CE (SPV3.2) - Walkthrough - Mission 4- THE SILENT CARTOGRAPHER

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