The Silent Cartographer: Evolved, also referred as TSC:E, is a re-imagining of the Silent Cartographer. Even though it started off as a side project for members of the CMT (including members of SPV3) it was included in Halo SPV3.

Overview & Background

While it has the same story and objectives, the entire level design has drastically changed to provide more encounters and different paths to take.

Gameplay Information

There are five loadouts available for the player to choose at the beginning of the level:

Loadout Armour Upgrade Grenades Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
Grenadier Health Regen Frag Grenades (4) MA5E/GL Assault Rifle (32+320 reserve ammo and 6 grenades) M6G Pistol (8+80 reserve ammo)
Saboteur BR54HB/GL Battle Rifle (36+360 reserve ammo and 6 grenades) M7 Submachine Gun (60+600 reserve ammo)
Marksman M393 Designated Marksman Rifle (15+105 reserve ammo) MA5E Assault Rifle (32+320 reserve ammo)
Recon BR54HB Battle Rifle (36+252 reserve ammo) MA5E Assault Rifle (32+320 reserve ammo)
Demolitions M41 Rocket Launcher (2+4 reserve ammo) M91 Shotgun (8+16 reserve ammo)

Early Build/Pre-SPV3

Before being included in Halo SPV3, it was worked by members of CMT and SPV3. Although there are no changes to the layout or scenery (with the exception of any bug fixes and Terminals), some of the tags used are different compared to the final. For example, The Brutes have the same body style but were wearing different armor and the Master Chief model is more accurate to Halo CEA.

Developer Information



  • Unlike The Silent Cartographer in SPV3, TSC:E uses marines instead of ODSTs.
  • There are several doors around the map with yellow lights that cannot be entered by any means. With the 2019 SPV3.2 update, it is revealed that these doors lead to areas that are only playable in the mission The Commander: Evolved, which uses the same level design as The Silent Cartographer: Evolved.




The following link is for the older version of TSC:E and is only provided for legacy purposes. For the best experience, we recommend playing TSC:E that is already included in SPV3.

vde Levels in SPV3
The Pillar of AutumnHaloThe Truth and ReconciliationThe Silent Cartographer (The Silent Cartographer: Evolved)Assault on the Control Room343 Guilty SparkThe LibraryTwo BetrayalsKeyes

None Left BehindThe CommanderThe Commander: EvolvedThe Maw

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