"Board a Covenant ship to rescue Captain Keyes."

The Truth and Reconciliation is the third campaign level of Halo SPV3. The Master Chief and a team of ODSTs must rescue Captain Keyes, who is being held captive aboard the Covenant ship, the Truth and Reconciliation. After boarding the ship by using its Gravity Lift, the Master Chief fights his way through the interior of the Covenant battlecruiser to rescue Captain Keyes and several other prisoners from the ship's brig.

Overview & Background

Unlike the original level which took place in a dry plateau, Truth and Reconciliation takes place in a winter environment, however the layout still remains the same. Also, this is the first level to start out with loadouts as an option.

Gameplay Information

There are 5 loadouts available for the player to choose at the beginning of the level:

Loadout Armour Upgrade Grenades Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
Stealth VISR Frag Grenades (4) SRS99C-S2 AM/S Sniper Rifle (4+64 reserve ammo) M7/S Submachine Gun (60+600 reserve ammo)
Shotty-Snipes SRS99C-S2 AM/S Sniper Rifle (4+64 reserve ammo) M91 Shotgun (8+12 reserve ammo)
Grenadier BR54HB/GL Battle Rifle (36+360 reserve ammo and 6 grenades) M7/S Submachine Gun (60+600 reserve ammo)
Marksman M393 Designated Marksman Rifle (15+105 reserve ammo) MA5E Assault Rifle (32+320 reserve ammo)
Specialist Gravity Grenades (4) Focus Rifle (100% Battery) Brute Shot (6+# reserve ammo)

Developer Information



  • This is the first level in which loadouts are available for the player to choose.
    • Depending on which loadout is selected, the Silenced Sniper Rifle, Battle Rifle with Grenade Launcher or Shotgun will make their first appearance in the game.
  • There are 12 terminals scattered throughout the level.
  • Prior to SPV3.1, Wraiths were originally usable by both the player and the enemies.
  • The two Hunters in the final cutscenes are missing their Hunter Cannons. It is unknown if this is a glitch or was done on purpose.
  • The Brute War Chieftain is introduced.


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