Tsek Vadum was a Sangheili Honor Guard Ultra who served on the CAS Seeker of Truth and participated in the Battle for installation 04.


As a youngling on Sangheilios, he fought in the dust and dirt to be deemed a worthy warrior of his clan. He was told of legends of the Forerunners such as their cities, temples, and Guardians. He sworn to himself that he would set foot on those worlds be among the first to reach salvation. Tesk participated in putting down heresies on worlds and later on in the Human-Covenant War. He was then promoted to Junior Fieldmaster in the Fleet of Grand Benediction. Seven cycles after the start of the warm, he was offered a chance to served as a Honor Guard to the Prophet of Regret. To serve as a Honor Guard fulfills the truth of the Holy Writ of Union, which states "Thou, in faith, will keep us sale whilst we find the Path." He took the opprotunity and served as one for many cycles, even when the Covenant forces went to a shield world that housed Forerunner Dreadnoughts. At time it would've been the end of the war if it wasn't for the interference of a lone human ship. Due to the risk, the Prophet of Regret decided to depart the plant so Tsek Vadum accompanied him. Even though he doesn't know what happened to the Arbiter, they learned that none of the Covenant forces there returned after the battle. There were Spartans during the battle who destroyed many Covenant forces. Tsek then learns that a demon is present on the ring and is approaching the Cartographer in which he lasts states in his datapad to him "I, Tsek Vadum, Sangheili Honor Guard, defy this human. You shall not possess this site as long as I draw breath."


Tsek Vadum is very loyal to the Covenant and their beliefs. This is evident as he participated in taking down numerous heresies and later became a Honor Guard.

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  • His datapads can be found in The Silent Cartographer and The Silent Cartographer: Evolved.
  • On higher difficulties, the player can encounter a Honor Guard Ultra. Since Tsek Vadum isn't mentioned or records any more datapads afterwards, the Honor Guard Ultra is presumed to be him.
  • Unlike other Sangheili, he does not have an "ee" in his last name
  • Due to the clues given in the datapads, he would've been present during the events of Halo Wars.