"Reactivate the weapon inside Halo and learn the truth."

Two Betrayals is the eighth level in Halo SPV3. After fighting hordes of flood, John-117 manages to bring the Index to Halo's control center. However, as soon as the Index is inserted, Cortana reveals the truth about the purpose of Installation 04. Realizing that the two refuse to activate the ring, 343 Guilty Spark orders his sentinels to eliminate John-117. At this point, sentinels and enforcers are no longer friendly.

Overview & Background

The level takes place in the same environment as the Assault on the Control Room; however, the whole mission is played in reverse, all enemy types are present, and the player has no allies. Throughout the mission, a new vehicle known as the Sparrowhawk is introduced. The objective of the mission is to destroy three pulse generators.

Gameplay Information

Throughout the mission, you will have no marines or ODSTs with you. Also, most of the Covenant will be using weapons from the UNSC, including strong weapons such as the Sniper Rifle and the Rocket Launcher.

Developer Information

This is the longest mission of the game.


  • There are 9 terminals scattered throughout the level
  • This is the longest level in SPV3. Most players take about 1-2 hours to finish, especially on Legendary or Noble.
  • If the Grizzly tank was kept intact for the first half of Assault on the Control Room, it can be used once more.
  • This the only level in which in the Sparrowhawk is usable.


Halo CE (SPV3

Halo CE (SPV3.2) - Walkthrough - Mission 8- TWO BETRAYALS

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