The United Nations Space Command, more commonly known as the UNSC, is the military, exploratory, and scientific agency of the Unified Earth Government.

Overview and Background



The Human-Covenant War



The UNSC is the navigation and military arm of the Unified Earth Government. Thus, it did not administrate the colonies without the consensus of the CAA or the UEG before the Human-Covenant war.

The UNSC sent out draft notices during the Human-Covenant war.




The UNSC's defensive militia force is the UNSC Defense Force (UNSCDF), and consists of the UNSC Air Force, the UNSC Army, the UNSC Marine Corps, and the UNSC Navy.


The UNSC utilise the Service Number system to organize and identify personnel.



Unlike the Covenant, UNSC military technology is still based on comparatively primitive, but effective, mechanisms - projectile weaponry, wheeled vehicles, and combustion engines. The UNSC's grasp of scientific concepts is far more advanced than the Covenant, but turning these concepts into functional machinery has proven more problematic. Recently, the UNSC has introduced a variety of Covenant-derived technologies into their arsenal: gravity plating aboard ships and energy shielding to protect Spartan-II soldiers.

Technological improvements continued to rise due to the capture of advanced Covenant equipment, which was studied and adapted for human needs. The very best and cutting edge of UNSC war assets were supplied to the SPARTAN-II Program. Other enhancements geared towards mass production were distributed to the Spartan-IIIs. One such example of war time innovation was the energy shielding adapted and improved for use on the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor.


UNSC starship weaponry is based around missiles and Magnetic Accelerator Cannons. Their technological inferiority in the face of the Covenant means that it was often necessary for the UNSC to have a three-to-one numerical advantage against them in ship-to-ship combat.





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