The Visual Intelligence System, Reconnaissance, abbreviated as VISR, is a proprietary integrated data management system, typically incorporated directly into the helmets of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers or as an Armour Upgrade Module for MJOLNIR Armour.

Overview & Background

Enemy and friendly infantry, weapons and objects are highlighted with different colours: "Friendly" combatants are highlighted in green; "Enemy" combatants are highlighted in red; Vehicles are highlighted in green or red depending on their current/previous driver/pilot; Charging stations, doors, terminals and other areas of interest are highlighted in bright yellow; Weapons, ammunition, some equipment, scenery, buildings and other objects are highlighted in Blue.

Gameplay Information


  • VISR highlights the entire environment when active, increasing visibility in dark/low light environments.
  • VISR can highlight combatants (Allied and Enemy), vehicles and objects of interest (doors, terminals, etc.), allowing them to better stand out on the battlefield.


  • VISR runs on a limited power supply which recharges when not in use.
  • VISR cannot detect enemies under the effects of Active Camouflage.

Developer Informations



  • This armour ability takes advantage of the Open Sauce program, which enhances what the game engine is able to do.


Equipment in SPV3
Armor Abilities
Covenant Overshield - Active Camo - Reflex Enhancement - Energy Sword Hilt
UNSC Sprint - Speed Booster - Health Regen - Health Kit - Radar - VISR
Thermal Vision
Cut Content Motion Tracker Enhancer
Firefight Upgrades
Available Upgrades Speed Boots - Shock Absorbing Boots - Energy Discharge - Energy Recharge - Shield Recharge - Shield Booster - Nuclear Failsafe Reactor - Camo - Adrenaline Booster
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